Tips on How to Use TV Advertising for Book Promotions

Tips on How to Use TV Advertising for Book Promotions

When it comes to book sales one of the most important elements to keep track of is book promotion. Book promotion gives authors a chance to spread word of their books and help their chance of selling their books. Book promotion also helps the author garner a loyal fan base that will not only help in sales but also help in gaining popularity for his or her book.

One great form of book promotion is through TV advertising. But what exactly constitutes TV advertising? TV advertising is technically a span of television programming produced and paid for by any organization. And it could be as simple as a commercial or a feature in a TV show.

The most important characteristic for a TV advertisement is that it should convey a certain message to market a certain product or service. Which in this case is a book promotion.

Sadly though not everyone is open to this mode of book promotion because some people think that television is being slowly edged out by the internet as a media form or they think that the cost is too high and not worth the risk. But what they forget is that television is one of the more accessible forms of advertisement because it has been in use for a longer period of time and a larger number of people are still using it as a means of getting news.

Which is why TV advertising is a great way to promote a book. But the question now though is how you can use TV advertisements to promote your book.

Here are a few tips on how to promote your book through TV advertising.

The advertisement must have a specific audience in mind

When you promote your book through TV advertising you should keep in mind that TV advertising is a somewhat more expensive mode of advertising than most. Which is why you should really make it count and target the most compatible audience for your book. Thus before you even release your advertisement, you should take certain elements such as geography, social standing, profession, etc that will help make the advertisement more effective.

Take into account the geography of your target audience

Another thing to take into account when you advertise your book is the geographic aspect of your target audience. This is important because your advertisements cannot reach every network, and thus should be well planned out. You could have your advertisements on local, national or cable TV or you could combine two such as national and cable to reach a wider audience.

Timing and seasonality should also be taken into account

You should identify the best day or month that would have the best potential for increased revenue. It all really depends on your books genre and your target audience. One great example would be releasing a book TV commercial for a suspense/horror novel during the Halloween season.

By selling a suspense/horror novel during the Halloween season you are able to take advantage of the season and the popularity of anything scary during the event.

Take advantage of market conditions

It should also be mentioned that market conditions should be monitored carefully. Thus if you notice that local economy is slowing, chances are the airtime available on local television stations is cheaper and you can negotiate some terrific deals. One example is the case during the recent economic situation, when TV and cable companies were looking to fill their advertising slots and willing to negotiate.

Make a good deal with a TV network

Try to get the most cost-efficient package for your advertisements. When it comes to packages the most cost-efficient would be a 10-13 week period. You should also try to book advertising spots in advance so that it would be easier for the network to include you in their schedule.

Create a professional looking Book teaser

One of the best ways to advertise your book is to create a book teaser. But if a book teaser is not well done it would only damage your book’s reputation. Which is why if you are thinking of putting a book teaser as a book advertisement, you should keep in mind that your book teaser is attractive and well done. That way viewers will have a more positive outlook on your book and hopefully impress them enough to make them buy your book.

Try to mix your advertisements with other media

So that you can cover all bases better it is a good idea to cover every aspect of your book’s advertising. There are a lot of ways that you can supplement your advertisement. You can ask your television station if it has a website and see if there are any potential promotional activities on that website if you buy TV advertising. This is where TV trumps radio. While still advantageous, a radio ad streaming online does not carry the weight of a TV ad.

To this day, Television is still one of the most powerful and influential advertising mediums. It lets you deliver your message to mass audience while directing it to your target demographics for your book launching. Advertising your book on TV gives your audience a memorable viewing experience of your story and leaves them with a lasting impression. Through this type of promotion, you can generate awareness and attract attention to your work.

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